Smart Credit: How to Know When the Loan is Good?

In Brazil, credits, loans and debts are commonly associated with bad things. If you see a way out of the loan to pay for superfluous expenses that do not match your financial situation, yes. He won’t be good at all. But there are times when this is not so. Whether it is to avoid higher

Debt Reunification | Complete GUIDE 2019

It is one of the financial solutions that has more names: “reunification of debts”, “refinancing of loans or credits”, “grouping of loans” … They are one of the many ways to call a solution to reduce our payment burden. If you are burdened with your loan installments at the end of the month, a loan

How much can you borrow with a salary of 4000 € – Loans

Funding money requires the use of a credit score institution, which will carry out the feasibility study and evaluate the debt ratio of the debtor. This debt ratio should never exceed 33% tolerance, regardless of the amount of household revenue. Discover the quantity of credit that can be borrowed through 4000 € The particular tool

How To Get The Most Travel For The Money

  The exams are over and the hard earned vacation must finally be redeemed. Summer is upon us, the annual migration across the kingdom’s borders to exotic landscapes and vibrant metropolises is also just beginning to take off. In particular, the latter has become a frequent phenomenon among Danes. One of the most popular of

How did I manage to travel with Good Finance credits?

Juan was always a brilliant student and since childhood he always had the dream of traveling. Due to the economic situation of his family, beyond small trips to different parts of Guatemala, he had not been able to make a great trip. His dream was always to know Europe. And with the effort to save