Funding money requires the use of a credit score institution, which will carry out the feasibility study and evaluate the debt ratio of the debtor. This debt ratio should never exceed 33% tolerance, regardless of the amount of household revenue.

Discover the quantity of credit that can be borrowed through 4000 €

Discover the amount of credit that can be borrowed from 4000 €

The particular tool for calculating your debt ratio makes it possible to know the real debt as well as the month-to-month amount that the borrower support with incomes of four thousand €.

Therefore, it is important to know the total quantity of monthly payments that a household may repay each month, otherwise overweight deadlines can lead to a situation associated with over-indebtedness. Thus, for a net gain of 4000 € monthly, it is not necessary to exceed an overall total amount of monthly payments of 1 320 €.

Feasibility study for a loan


When applying for credit, the particular financial advisor will methodically study the situation of the customer, ie his income, their charges, and credits happening. As a finance professional, these have a duty to suggest and must offer their client a suitable financing option. Thus, depending on the types of tasks, it will be more appropriate to carry out the credit or a pooling associated with credits.

Decrease its monthly payments

Reduce its monthly payments

This particular second solution makes it possible for task management to finance but also and particularly to reduce its monthly payments simply by regrouping the loans by lengthening the duration associated with repayment. Good to know: to get a project of this type, the particular feasibility study is completely totally free, especially with online simulation.

Up to -60% off your monthly payments¹ Building your shed * Redemption of credit Finance a project Renegotiate of the loan Currently, do you pay off mortgages? * No Indeed Real Estate Credit (s) Staying amount (s) to be returned * € Amount of monthly obligations Previous% following (*) Necessary fields proposals I concur that the information provided is only going to be used by Good Finance included in a request for financing as well as the business relationship that may result. 2. Previous% following (*) Needed fields.

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