In Brazil, credits, loans and debts are commonly associated with bad things. If you see a way out of the loan to pay for superfluous expenses that do not match your financial situation, yes. He won’t be good at all. But there are times when this is not so. Whether it is to avoid higher interest rates, cover emergencies or seize a business opportunity, get a good loan, it can be a good way out and, moreover, a smart solution.

In this post, we separate some situations where getting smart credit is a good deal. Check out:


When you trade high interest debts for lower rates

debt loan

If you are paying off debts, the tip is to trade expensive debts for cheap ones. If you’re paying the high interest rates on traditional overdraft or credit cards, for example, a loan can help you cut back – a lot! – the size of the problem. Just compare how much interest is charged for each type of credit: for using the revolving credit card, for example, rates reach more than 200% per year . Personal lines of credit and financing usually do not exceed 50%. It’s worth the change!


When you can invest in your career

money loan

If you need to take a course to develop skills that will help you make career changes and consequently increase pay, it may be a good idea to use credit. The same goes for language courses outside the country.


When will you undertake

money loan

If you want to set up a business of your own, have researched the market, identified your industry, made the right business plan, but don’t have the money to invest yet, getting smart credit to kick-start your business can be a good idea. It is important to plan for the company’s future cash flow and to estimate demand for its product or service realistically.


When an emergency arises

When an emergency arises

We don’t always have extra money for a family health problem, for example, or other last-minute unforeseen events. If you don’t have a financial reserve for these times, smart solutions like Home Secured Credit can be an affordable solution.


When I want to build or renovate a property

When I want to build or renovate a property

If you have been putting off renovating your property for years and want to finish it all at once, getting smart credit for renovation or construction may be interesting. This is because home improvements tend to increase their market value .

Did you see!? Loan is not only good when it is done without planning. It is not worth asking for credit if it is to be used for everyday, everyday consumption; when you are used to spending more than you earn. But if the installments fit into your pocket, the loan is good, and the credit smart!

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